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specialized in physico-chemical analysis and lubricants testing.


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With our performed tests on lubricants we analyze:
– physical and chemical parameters of lubricants;
– frequency of lubricant exchanges;
– type and amount of contaminants found;
– the wear of the equipment;
The analyzes are according to SR EN ISO / CEI 17025: 2005.


Following the interpretation of the analyzes by our specialists, you will be able to decide on:
– the opportune moment to change the oil;
– correct or improper operation of the equipment;
– operating condition of the equipment;
– maintenance planning of machinery and equipment;

Minimize the maintenance costs of your equipment!

During this period,
the GreenOilCheck Laboratory carries out an extensive information campaign
on the need to carry out oil analyzes
in order to reduce equipment maintenance costs for companies.

The aid of Professionals!

Free advice to all interested parties.

Oil analysis is the laboratory analysis of the properties of a lubricant, of contaminants in suspension and of wear residues.

This is done during routine predictive maintenance to provide meaningful and accurate information about the state of lubrication and the condition of the equipment (engine, gear, compressor, reducer, turbine, etc.).

It’s all about lubrication, lubricants, condition monitoring, maintenance and upkeep.
Renowned practical speakers present various strategies in lectures and video workshops to sustainably improve the maintenance, reliability and lubrication of your equipment and systems.

Monitoring conditions based on lubricant and fuel analysis will give you the security of your business. An oil sample or analysis can help you monitor the condition of the lubricated components and make recommendations for any necessary oil repairs or changes.

The oil can be used as an information carrier

and made to speak.

On-site visits by external or internal specialist technicians can be reduced to facilities with worrying analytical values – which is currently an advantage for you.

Keep track of the Green Oil Check analysis. You can make the necessary decisions at any time thanks to the detailed data and our recommendations.

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SR EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005


You are guaranteed to comply with international standards.


The procedures and results of laboratory tests performed are validated.


The workflow and analysis results are clear and reproducible.